Hi, my name is Liz Smith, a.k.a. your resident InkSmith—freelance proofreader, editor, indexer, book designer, e-book specialist, and sermon transcriptionist. I specialize in Christian nonfiction, and I’m passionate about getting the gospel message out in print. My other areas of interest include Information Technology (IT) and health and wellness. 

Proofreading and Editing

I provide professional proofreading and editing for nonfiction works such as:

  • manuscripts
  • websites
  • blogs
  • newsletters (print or electronic)
  • journal/magazine articles
  • Bible studies and devotionals

E-book Conversion and Interior Book Design

  • Interior book design (print formatting, typesetting) for your self-published book or other projects.
  • Conversion to e-book reflowable format (ePub and Mobi) for publication to Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, B&N NOOK, Google Play, and others.


Because I specialize in Christian nonfiction, I know (and love) the subject matter. I consider it a challenge as well as a ministry to bring the concepts and items of a well-written biblically based book to the readers seamlessly and transparently.

Sermon Transcription

Many theological books were birthed from the sermons of gifted teachers and preachers. I believe it’s beneficial to the body of Christ—and for the expansion of the kingdom—to get sermons reproduced into the written word for many reasons:

  • Sermon transcripts are a fantastic starting point for manuscripts, tracts, pamphlets, blogs, and journal articles.
  • Some people, such as the hearing impaired or those who do not have audio capabilities, can still be blessed by the Word of God by reading a transcript.
  • Excerpts of sermon transcripts can be shared on social media or through email or text.
  • Some people prefer reading to listening, and others like to read while watching or listening, which reinforces content.
  • Print material makes studying and finding content easier—keyword searches and highlighting for Bible study; even clickable links can be inserted into a PDF or on a website.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)—written text online will be picked up by search engines, making sermons or other media easier to find.
  • Transcripts can be translated into other languages.

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