About Me

Phil Johnson and Me G3 2017
With Phil Johnson, one of my favorite speakers (and editing genius), at the 2017 G3 Conference in Atlanta

Hi, I’m Liz. Thanks for dropping by.

I’m a Christian (please read my testimony if you’ve got a moment); wife to one awesome, hard-working, godly man; Mom to nine great kids (ten, counting my son-in-law); and Grammy to one (so far!).

I’m a stay-at-home mom, which I love. I don’t garden though; I have a black thumb. And you wouldn’t really want to taste my baked goods either. But I’m pretty good at being my kids’ homeschool teacher. I’ve been correcting English papers for over seventeen years. I’ve loved books and grammar and all those sorts of things since before I can remember. I have even begun to delve into the world of blogging as an outlet for my passion for Christ and for the written word (and as a humbling exercise in self-editing, which, as my writing friends know, is almost impossible!).

Previously, I helped my husband run our little country store for some twelve years. He was the face in the front and lifter of heavy things, and I was the one in the back office managing the marketing, advertising, financials, and other paperwork that makes a business run. Before that, I worked as a project manager with an international technology company for over ten years, responsible for creating and editing countless project plans, presentations, and executive summaries.

I started my transcription business as an answer to prayer. It was a way to supplement our family income (teenage boys can drink a ridiculous amount of milk) and to get the Word of God to the nations in various formats so that the gospel could be preached and God could be glorified and worshiped. Through the gifted authors and pastors I have worked with, I was introduced to the editing world—and I was hooked! It’s hard to really categorize it as work; it’s more of a joyful passion that has the added benefit of paying the milkman.  More than that, it has been an opportunity to be exposed to many edifying and encouraging books and biblical materials and to have some small part in helping to bring these works to the world.