Do You Know God?

I would hope that if you are writing Christian material or preaching a Christian sermon, you are born again. But I was a false professor for fourteen years before I realized that what I had was religion and not a relationship with Jesus Christ. I pray that’s not the case with you. Have you examined your faith lately?

Or, you might not even be looking for editorial services or transcription work, but have landed here because you received a tract or devotional. Please read my story first, and if you want to know more, go here and if you think you’re a good person, go here.

Other Resources

Here are some of my favorite places to get excellent solid biblical teaching:

I’ll Be Honest
HeartCry Missionary Society
Preach the Word (David Legge)
Grace Immanuel Bible Church, Jupiter, FL
Faith Bible Church, Springfield, IL
Grace to You

The video below is in English with Spanish subtitles: “Do you know God?”