The Editing Process

For all services, I’ll do a no-cost, no-obligation sample edit of several pages in order to determine the level of editing required. If you agree with my evaluation and editing style and choose to proceed, I’ll provide a contract for the project, which will include a timeframe for completion. I require a 50% down payment before editing begins, with the balance due at the completion of the project.*

Please be aware, in order to deliver the best final product for your manuscript, I highly recommend more than one service for copyediting and content editing. For example, after all changes have been made during the copyediting process, it would be ideal to then have your manuscript go through the proofreading process to ensure a polished final product. For clients choosing more than one service for a project, I give a 10% discount.

How It Works

Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents. I will use the “Track Changes” feature in Word, which allows you to work through edits and comments one at a time. You can also accept all changes at once. We may pass the edited document back and forth several times as necessary, depending on the number of edits.

I use the following reference guides as the industry standards for my work:

  • The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition
  • The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, 4th Edition
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition

Upon completion of my edits, I’ll return the manuscript to you for review and address any concerns and questions you may have. If you’ve elected to have me proofread your manuscript as well, I’ll start that process once your final review of editing is complete. Upon completion of services, I’ll return the final edited manuscript to you along with an invoice.

*Payment may be made through PayPal or Stripe or by check through the mail. An online payment service fee of 3% will be added to the invoice for paying online with a debit or credit card. However, you may deduct the 3% online fee by submitting an electronic check through Stripe or by sending a check, payable to “Elizabeth Smith,” to the address on the emailed invoice.