Transcription Rates

My rates are by the audio minute. Audio minutes are rounded up to the next minute.

Most sermons are at the standard base rate of $1.50 per audio minute and are transcribed not verbatim (um‘s, uh‘s, false starts taken out, grammar corrected, etc.). I do other kinds of transcription, but please see the pricing chart below for additional features. I guarantee 99.9% accuracy and on-time delivery, or it’s free!

Base rates:

1 speaker: $1.50 per audio minute (typical sermon rate)
2 speakers: $2.00
3–4 speakers: $2.50
5+ speakers: $4.00

Additional Features (added to the base rate):

Time Stamps/Time Code: $0.25
Heavy Background Noise: $0.50
Verbatim: $0.25
Strong Accent: $0.50

Turnaround Time:

Standard service: 4 business days (orders placed on weekends and holidays will be processed the next business day)
24-hour service: Add $1.00 per audio minute

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