Jeffrey D Johnson“Fast and accurate do not typically go together, but Liz Smith remarkably pulls these two wonderful things together with something even more amazing—affordability. Some editors take weeks, if not months, to turn a project around, but not Liz. She is lightning fast. The speed in which she does her work would scare me if she was not so precise. She is a skilled editor. It is more than just a knowledge of the rules of grammar, it’s a gift. Along with her speed and accuracy, what keeps me coming back to Liz is her prices. How she does it, I don’t know, but I am thankful to have found Liz’s services for myself, and I am happy to recommend her to everyone.” 

Jeffrey D. Johnson, Pastor/Teacher, Grace Bible Church, Conway, Arkansas

Curt D. Daniel

“I am pleased to recommend the fine services of Liz Smith. I have used her services for a book I am writing and am very impressed not only with the accuracy of transcription but also the helpful editorial assistance in several ways. I know of no other such service available today to help pastors and writers in the Christian community.”

—Dr. Curt D. Daniel, Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Springfield, Illinois

“I am VERY happy to let you know that I found ZERO mistakes. . . . I will give you a FANTASTIC grade of A+++ on the work! I am actually stunned with how good the quality is and how speedy you turned it around. . . . I love how you take great care with God’s Word. . . . You were able to discern [what the pastor] was doing [in the] middle of the passage exposition of the text. . . . I just wanted you to know how much I am impressed with your work!!”

—Ken Hartman, Jupiter, FL [for Grace Immanuel Bible Church, Jupiter, Florida (see a sample here)]

Ryan J Davidson“[This] is a wonderful resource for churches and pastors. Liz is efficient, timely, and dependable in her work, and is easy to work with, without any fussy requirements. Her desire to serve the Lord through getting the preached Word out in written form is a blessing to the people of God. I highly commend Liz Smith to you.”

—Rev. Ryan Davidson, Pastor/Elder, Grace Baptist Chapel, Hampton, Virginia

Shane Idleman“Not only do we appreciate the heart of this ministry, we appreciate the thoroughness and the professionalism behind it.”

—Shane Idleman, Speaker; Pastor, Westside Christian Fellowship, Lancaster, California